Teenage Party Planning Tips

Remember… Teens just want to have fun!

The secret to hosting a successful teen birthday party is to remember, “Teens just want to have fun”.  With that in mind, the four most important things to remember for a successful teenage party is:

  • Incorporate a theme
  • Have plenty of food (or else!!!)
  • Keep it loose and unstructured
  • Let the guest-of-honor have a big hand in the planning

Teenage Milestones

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
When Jewish boys and girls turn 13, a celebrating the Bar/Bat Mitzvah marks their “coming of age”.  The religious commemoration is typically held on a Saturday morning and followed with a party.  The celebration can be a casual luncheon, a more formal evening affair, or a novelty destination (dinner-dance, riverboat cruise, etc.).

A Quinceanera is a significant event celebrating a Latino girl’s passage into womanhood, often requiring 18 months to 2 years of planning.  The Quinceanera reception usually includes a formal ball with special events such as a formal entrance, a first dance the girl’s father, a dance with her escort, a speech and then a general dance.

Sweet Sixteen
Turning 16 has become a significant event in a teenager’s life.  Sometimes 16-year-old girls are given a “Sweet Sixteen” party.  It can be all girls, or co-ed, dressy or casual.

Choose a Theme…The Rest Will Follow
After choosing the date and location and making the guest list, the next item is the theme.  This will give the party focus and pizzazz.  Invitations, decorations, dress code, food and party favors can be easily incorporated into your theme.  Here are a few ideas:

Create a Pizza
Buy some pizza crusts (or dough), sauces and loads of toppings.  Allow each guest or team to design his or her own pizzas.  Issue awards for the tastiest, most creative and messiest!

Birthday Bistro
Set tables with drippy candles in empty wine bottles, checkered tablecloths, wine glasses filled with grape juice and a big basket of assorted breads.  Prepare pasta in varying shapes and sizes and have different sauces available.

Create an Ice Cream Parlor
Supply lots of ice cream, a variety of sods and all the toppings to create sundaes, floats and ice cream sodas.

Peace, Love and Flower Power
Decorate with strobe lights, lava lamps, and black lights.  Request that guests come dressed in 70’s style.  Tie-dyed materials work great for decorating tables.  Hang a Smiley Face piñata filled with “groovy” prizes.  Use the word bitchin’ a lot a put a flower in your hair.  70’s music is also a MUST.

Regression Party
Play traditional children’s games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, Hot Potato, etc.

Limo Romp
Hire a limousine, pick up the partygoers and take them out to a restaurant for dinner.  Stock the limo with soft drinks, music and decorations.

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