Bridal Shower Planning Tips

A wedding shower is an excellent way to launch a couple into their new life and get them off to a party start!


Who should host a bridal shower?
Traditionally, it’s the maid of honor, with the help of other bridesmaids, but the shower can be hosted by anyone who feels close to the bride and groom.

How many and who should be invited?
A shower should be an intimate occasion where everyone gets to interact with the bride.  Invite members of the bride and groom’s families, bridesmaids and close friends.  Keep it between 5-30 guests.  Showers were once only a woman’s affair, but today’s guest list often includes men.  Couples showers are becoming increasingly popular.  Consult with the bride when making the guest list.

When should the shower be held?
Typically, the shower is held 1-2 months before the wedding.  Avoid scheduling it too close to the big day with respect to the bride and groom’s very busy schedule.

Party Themes
Shower themes can be carried through to the invitations, decorations, tableware and food.  It can even revolve around gift ideas:

  • Bathroom Shower (towels, soap dish, accessories)
  • Culinary Delights (cookbooks, pots, dishes)
  • Bedroom Shower (sheets, blankets, throws)
  • Romance Shower (champagne, lingerie, chocolates)
  • Great Outdoors Shower (tent, camping gear, lawn chairs)
  • Best of Times Shower (assign each guest to bring a gift that relates to a specific time of day, i.e. 8 AM Coffee Pot, etc.)

Send out invitations about six weeks ahead for out of town guests and about four weeks for local guests.  You can choose invitations that match tableware, customize on your computer, or have them custom made.

  • Heart Invitations:  Write party details on a heart shaped card and put a bit of heart confetti in the card.
  • Wedding bubbles:  Send guests a bottle of wedding bubbles with a tag describing the party details.
  • Bell invitations:  Send a honeycomb bell in the bride’s colors with the party details written on the inside.

The theme will usually dictate the decorations for a shower.  For instance, a kitchen shower theme might feature a basked filled with kitchen utensils.  Topped off with a balloon bouquet utilizing the party or wedding colors.

A schedule for a typical 2-hour shower:

  • Greet guests, serve beverages and light appetizers
  • Guests introduce themselves and their relationship to the bride to be.
  • Play 2-4 shower games to break the ice.
  • Serve food.  Guests help themselves to a buffet.
  • Give a party favor to each guest as they leave.

Food Ideas
A buffet is a great idea and makes serving food easy.  Have a potluck is convenient and fun as well.  The guests could include their recipe for the dish they brought to give to the bride.


  • What is the bride wearing
    • Have the bride leave the room and ask guests to recall 10-12 things about her outfit.
  • Kitchen Gadget Memory Test
    • Attach as many kitchen gadgets to the front of an apron as possible.  Have the bride wear the apron in front of the guests for about 3 minutes.  Ask her to remove the apron and hide it.  Then have everyone list as many gadgets as they can remember in one minute.
  • Spice Rack
    • Cover the names of ten spice bottles or place in plastic bags.  Number each bottle/bag.  Pass the bottles/bags around to guests and have them write down what they think each spice is.

Party Favors and Prizes
While it isn’t necessary, it’s nice to give your guests a little memento – a prize from a game or a favor.  Here are some ideas:

  • Potpourri Sachet
  • Scented candles
  • Candles wrapped in Tulle
  • Any of the unique gifts and favors we carry.

Smart Party Tips

  • Corsage for the Bride:  Make the bride feel extra special with a small corsage.
  • Disposable cameras:  Provide one camera per five guests and ask them to take some pictures.  You’ll end up with some special and unexpected photos.  Pick a special one and send to each guest as a memento.
  • Gift Note Taker:  While the bride opens the gift, designate someone to write down each one and who it’s from.  This will help the bride when it comes time to write her Thank You notes.
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