Baby Shower Planning Tips

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for the new parents and all family and friends. A baby shower is a great way to celebrate that joy and show support.


Who Should Host a Baby Shower?
A close friend or relative of the mother-to-be can host the shower.  Traditionally, it was considered improper for the family member to host a shower because it is primarily a gift-giving event.  However, today family members commonly help or host the shower.

How many and who should be invited?
A shower typically ranges from 5-20 people. Occasionally expecting couples request a co-ed shower.  It is of course, always best to consult with the mother-to-be to see which she prefers.

When Should the Shower be held?
A good time for the shower if 2-3 months before the due date or after the baby is born.  Check with the mother-to-be and what her preferences might be.

Party Themes
Shower themes can be carried through the invitations and decorations, tableware and food.  Themes can be general as “teddy bears” or “Noah’s Ark” or “storks”.  Other ideas can revolve around gift ideas to help the new parents stock their nursery:

  • Baby Clothes (diapers, sleepers, rompers)
  • Baby Toys (rattles, stuffed animals, teething rings)
  • Bath Items (plastic tub, powders and ointments)
  • Baby Nursery (sheet sets, blankets, night light, changing table)
  • Mother’s Suitcase (nightgown, slippers, robe)
  • Personalized Baby Items (booties, birth certificate holder, picture frames, picture albums, first spoon)

Invitations are a great way to reflect the spirit and theme of your shower.  They should be sent about 6 weeks in advance for out-of-town guests and about 4 weeks in advance for local guests.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Little Diaper Invites:  Cut out triangles from pink and blue construction paper or felt.  Write the party details on one side and then fold like a diaper and secure with a diaper pin.
  • Bubble Gum Cigar: Send your guests a bubble gum cigar with a tag describing the details.
  • Store bought or Custom:  Choose from a variety of invitations that match the tableware, or order from our selection of custom invitations.

Using a theme from a tableware pattern is easy because of the matching centerpieces, paper cutouts, banners and other items that are available.  Here are some other ideas to help create a unique atmosphere:

  • Use a basket stuffed with baby items as a centerpiece.  Attach a balloon bouquet to it.
  • Tie pink and blue balloons around the room and on the back of chairs.  Mix in coordinating Mylar balloons, Weigh them down with a stuffed animal or baby toy.

A shower usually lasts about 2 hours.  Here is a “typical” schedule of events:

  • Have each guest introduce themselves and how they know the mother-to-be.
  • Play 2-4 shower games.  Playing the games at the beginning makes a nice “ice breaker”.
  • Serve food or have guests help themselves to a buffet.
  • Have the mother-to-be open her gifts.
  • Give party favors to guests as they leave.

Matter of Size:  You’ll need a ball of string or yarn and a pair of scissors.

Pass the ball of yarn/string around and have the guests cut off the amount they believe most closely matches the waistline of the mother-to-be.  Have the mother-to-be wrap each one around her waist.  The one with the closest wins.

Baby Food:  You’ll need an assortment of at least 10 baby food jars filled with different foods, a pen and paper for each guest.

Number the jars on the bottom and write which baby food goes with each number, and then take off the labels.  Pass the jars around and have guests write down what they think is in each jar.  The person with the most matches wins a prize.

Guess the Number:  Fill a baby bottle with a counted number of small candy.  The person who guesses the closest amount wins a prize.

Party Favors and Prizes
While it is not necessary, it is gracious to give your guests a little memento – a prize from a game or a party favor:

  • Plastic baby bottle filled with candy
  • A box of Sugar Babies or a Baby Ruth candy bar
  • Potpourri satchel, candles or soap
  • Gift certificate to a bookstore or department store.
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